Terms Of TEFL Canada Use Agreement

Use Agreement

This Terms of Use Agreement, which is between the TEFL Canada and you (the “User”), governs your use of (domain name), also known as the “Site” collectively and individually. This shall apply to all materials, goods, information, and services made available and accessible through our site and/or by third parties (collectively referred to as “Services” together with the site).

This agreement shall be constructed with the terms and conditions found on the Site. You agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of this Agreement by using or gaining access to the services. You will not be permitted to use any method of access to this Site or its Services if you do not agree to this Agreement.

Any actual or attempted access to or use of the Services is meant when the term "usage" of the Services is used in this Agreement. This Agreement, which supersedes all past agreements, shall be regarded as the whole agreement between you and us. It shall address all matters (including those relating to accreditation and certification) as well as our privacy policy.

TEFL Canada maintains the right to amend and/or change any other terms and conditions of this Site, including this Agreement, without prior notice. You shall be responsible for routinely reviewing the Site. Any change is unacceptable, and you must stop using it going forward since it will no longer be valid as of the posting date. Your approval of the modifications will be evidenced by your ongoing usage of the Services.


Canada Intellectual Property : refers to all tangible and intangible elements, including all graphics, images, texts, logos, trademarks, programmes, content, information, and materials. This contains TEFL Canada content and trademarks, but is not limited to these.

TEFL Content : refers to all of the copyrighted material that AAEFL and its partners own.

TEFL Canada Trademark : refers to all common law trademarks and service marks that are owned by TEFL Canada.

General Terms : On the Site, phrases like "Industry," "The Industry," "Industry Standard," "Universally Accepted," and "Generally Accepted" are used by AAEFL to refer to what is generally accepted.

TEFL Canada Intellectual Property:

Ownership and Use : AAEFL either owns the intellectual property outright or has licenced it to our third-party partners. Without our express permission, you promise not to copy, publish, reproduce, or retransmit it.

TEFL Canada Content : You may not download or copy any TEFL Canada content from our site because it is provided for the benefit of our members only.

Trademark : You may not use any TEFL Canada Trademarks that appear on our website unless we have specifically authorized you to do so under certain restrictions. Additionally, you must not misuse or change any TEFL Canada marks. You consent that TEFL Canada may publicly show your name on the website for promotional purposes, such as to our customers, by requesting Certification or Accreditation.

Links To Third Party:

Users are provided links to third-party websites by TEFL Canada, but TEFL Canada has no control over these websites or their resources. As a result, we won't be responsible for any disagreements, harm, or losses that result from this, either directly or indirectly.

Word of Caution:

Access to TEFL Canada's sites or those of third parties is not warranted or guaranteed to be uninterrupted. You are liable for any risk, loss, or harm that results from this.

Right To Access:

If you violate this agreement, TEFL Canada has the right to suspend, ban, or otherwise restrict your access to the Site.

Note :- All past agreements and arrangements are revoked and replaced by this Agreement, which is meant to be the last agreement between TEFL Canada and the other parties. Only TEFL Canada may amend or modify this Agreement, and any such changes or modifications shall be effective as of the date they are posted on the Site.