TEFL Canada Code of Conduct

Report A Breach

Any Member, person, or organization that violates the TEFL Canada's Code of Conduct will be reported to the organization's Disciplinary Committee. Following the submission of the complaint, the named Member will receive a letter of notice outlining the alleged violation(s) in question.

The TEFL Canada shall preserve complete confidentiality and make every effort to protect the Member's identity throughout the investigation.

Investigation Of The Breach

This investigation must be finished within 60 days. The investigation must be thorough and entirely impartial. The investigation's results must be documented in writing.

Level Of Severity Of The Breach

Following a comprehensive investigation, the degree of severity will be established, and this will determine the limits that will be placed on the offender. Depending on the severity of the violation, the limits may range from a warning to a censure, suspension, or termination.

Penalties For Breach Caution

If the breach is determined to be small in character and/or perhaps unintentional after a thorough investigation, the Member will be given a written warning. It is sufficient to show that corrective action has been taken. In addition, the breach must remain private and not be disclosed.


A letter of censure will be issued if the violation is of a more serious nature and is found to have been done on purpose. When a member is censured, they are given the chance to make things right. If they fail to do so promptly, the matter will be made public by being posted on the TEFL Canada website.


The institute will be suspended for a period of 90 days once a serious breach is discovered and no prompt corrective action is taken by the perpetrator. Following corrective action, membership will be restored.


TEFL Canada membership designation will be terminated if a conclusive major violation of the Code of Conduct is not remedied within the suspension period.

How To Appeal To TEFL Canada?

● The suggested limitations on TEFL Canada Membership for a violation of the code of conduct will be sent to the offender through email.

● The suggested restriction won't go into effect for 14 days.

● The sanctioned Member shall have the opportunity to respond to the proposed action in writing within this time.

● Within 14 days of receiving the response and any supporting papers, a written rebuttal must be submitted for consideration.

● For the response, a further 14-day extension may be asked for or granted.

● No unreasonable delay in granting this extension is permitted.

● If necessary, a teleconference will be used to provide for a hearing of the rebuttals.

● After the hearing or the last submission of any rebuttal papers, the Member will be informed of the final decision within 30 days.

Final Note Of Determination

The TEFL Canada Membership Directory must make a record of any suspension or termination imposed on the offending Member. The Final Notice of Determination must also explain whether or not the violating Member is eligible for membership reinstatement as well as how long must pass after the violation before a reinstatement request can be taken into account.