TEFL Canada is a universally recognized professional association dedicated to growing and enhancing the standards within the TEFL community.

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Welcome To TEFL Canada Accreditation

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Welcome to TEFL Canada we provide accreditation for TEFL/TESOL establishments and aspirants. TEFL Canada is a renowned organization dedicated to expanding, improving, and refining the TEFL community’s standards. TEFL is compulsory to be a member of the teaching profession, especially in Canadian cities like Quebec and New Brunswick. We have witnessed the successful completion of more than 110,000 + TEFL certifications. More than 2,400 institutions and businesses have received accreditation from us.

Why Is TEFL Canada Important?

Norms are fundamental in the preparation of educators of English for speakers of foreign languages. With the world going global, there are a lot of open positions overseas for the applicant owning the appropriate certification program. The TEFL/TESOL certificate could be the passport to a faraway land for an accomplished English Language Teacher.

There are numerous TEFL service providers over the web. Some are accredited by virtual universities, while some are not. There are few course providers; who take pride in what they provide and prove it with audit and authorization.

A non-commissioned certification can never procure lucrative and well-paying work. Employers from around the globe only accept certified credentials.


Why Choose Us?

1. Accreditate and moderate TEFL and TESOL courses and course contributors

2. Deliver well-laid out and irreplaceable teaching-learning resources

3. Furnish unprejudiced endorsement to genuine courses and course providers.

4. Prepare world-class internationally acclaimed curriculum

5. Created advanced tools for quality assessment

6. Accommodate hands-on learning

Accreditation To Academies

1. Uncomplicated

2. Time-saving

3. Quick

4. Cost-efficient

5. User-friendly procedures

Benefits Of TEFL Canada Accreditation and Certification

1. Acceptable and shareable certificate on a global platform

2. Highest recognition to the course provider.

3. TEFL Canada accreditation gives benefits over many other accrediting bodies

4. Lifetime access to TEFL Canada jobs portal.

5. Access to unique and unparalleled resources

Certification To Educators

1. Undergo training program

2. Followed by TEFL assessment

3. Awarded a Certificate


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Word Of Honor

Share & Learn

Knowledge shared is knowledge earned. Our open forum allows you to exchange ideas and best practices

Business Board

It speaks of our success and the admiration from clientele.

Placement Practices

With each placement, the course provider’s value multiplies

Incomparable confidence

To conquer the world of teaching jobs. TEFL Canada certified individuals are unmatched by their competitors

Membership Benefits

TEFL Canada members are the certified mentors and accredited learning partners of more than 110,000+ worldwide. Join the league and avail immediate recognition, an open platform to share, a look at our unique resources, and much more.

TEFL Canada: The ABC

1. Associate, Bond, and Collaborate with other mentors from around the world to share with a peer.

2. Be a part of this prodigious community of facilitators with the vision of delivering quality education in a foreign land.

3. Learn from their experiences to make your journey of training-tutoring smooth.

4. Talk about curriculum, problem-solving, idea generation, teaching guidance, learning support, and more.

5. Created advanced tools for quality assessment

6. Build a community in a distant land with the TEFL Canada family to learn and grow together.

Enhance Your Expertise

1. Talking Point: Keep an eye on our Articles to learn about recent events and experiences

2. Blog It: Read hilarious or concerning experiences from our blogs shared by the TEFL Canada members to learn something new or take something back to the class

3. Deep Pockets: Get access to the numerous notes and resources from our library.


Get Accreditate

Accreditate and moderate TEFL and TESOL courses and course contributors

Hands-On Learning

Accommodate hands-on learning

Irreplaceable Resources

Deliver well-laid out and irreplaceable teaching-learning resources

International Curriculum

Prepare world-class internationally acclaimed curriculum & advanced tools for quality assessment

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