TEFL Canada - Accreditation Terms & Conditions

TEFL Canada - Accreditation Terms & Conditions

● The accreditation is for 3 years.

● It is Renewable.

● Renew depends on fulfilling the recertification of the organization.

● Institutions must understand and agree to the verification process related to accreditation.

● Involvement of third parties for verification is involved.

● TEFL Canada will not entertain any claims regarding breach of privacy during verification by third parties.

● Verification is solely the decision of the investigating committee of the TEFL Canada.

● TEFL Canada might conduct audits and inspections from time to time.

● In case of a breach in terms and conditions, TEFL Canada will send a notice in writing or an Email.

● The institution must respond within 30 days to present its reason for the breach.

● In case of an unsatisfactory answer, TEFL Canada can take a call against the institution under our Disciplinary Policy

● The institution can appeal referring to our Appeal Policy

● In case of any major change in the institution (like a change of owner), TEFL Canada must be informed within 30 days

● TEFL Canada will have the name of the institution listed on their website with a direct link

● As an active member of the TEFL Canada family, the institution agrees to follow every term and condition mentioned here

● The institution must follow the Code of Conduct

● The institution applying for accreditation must ascertain all the information furnished by them are absolutely correct

● In case of perjury, the institution must handover the contents used in the training as well

● The non-refundable fees must be submitted before the accreditation process

● TEFL Canada has the right to share information concerning the institution’s public profile, good or bad, on the TEFL Canada website


Institute : Organization, academy, or institution holding accreditation

Acknowledging party : Entity accepting the terms and conditions

Application information : Documents submitted to TEFL Canada during verification

Certification : Presented to the individuals who have successfully completed TEFL course

Delivery Schema : The way in which the materials will be delivered to the participants

TEFL Canada Certification Examination : Exams taken by participants for the TEFL Canada certification

Member : Any individuals or organizations associated with TEFL Canada

Services : Refers to content, materials, services, and information provided by TEFL Canada

Site : Official website of TEFL Canada

Us : TEFL Canada

You : TEFL accredited institutions or certified teachers