TEFL Canada Information Board

TEFL Canada Accreditation Process

Step-1 : Submit Application Form

Step 2 : Audit of the Application Form

Step 3 : TEFL Canada grants Provisional Accreditation

Step 4 : Submit Accompanying Documents

Step 5 : Verification Conducted by TEFL Canada

Step 6 : In case of satisfactory findings, Accreditation will be awarded

How To Apply For Accreditation?

We, at TEFL Canada, thank you for showcasing interest in our accreditation service. Kindly go through the form and duly fill it out.

Any organization, institute, and academy providing TEFL programs can fill this form. If any field is not applicable, write N/A, do not leave it blank.

We request you to follow the instructions while filling out the application form.

Application Form

Legal & Financial Details:
In case of a private company, please list the following:
Is this institute a subsidiary company?
If yes, furnish all the details
Is this Institute a limited company?
In case it is not a limited company, state the terms in which the company operates