Certification Process

1. Prerequisites

To apply for the TEFL Canada certification, make sure you fulfill the criteria of eligibility.

2. Know Your Form

* Be ready with all the documents when applying for the TEFL Canada certification.

● The form has different sections

● The contact information like address, email, and phone number.

● All the educational qualification details

● TEFL certification details

● The form window can be accessed only for ____ minutes

● Fill diligently and within the time frame before submitting

● All the details are mandatory

● Be alert while filling out the form and do cross-check

3. Review Of Application

● After submission, the application goes for review by the TEFL Canada Review Board

● The details submitted will be verified

● In case of rejection, an intimation mail will be sent

● Reapply by rectifying the errors and thoroughly cross-examining all the details

● Reapplication involves repaying the fees again

4. Audit

What is an audit?

Random selection of an application form for verification and in-depth scrutiny of the details furnished by the applicant.

Why is an audit important?

To enhance the authenticity and the credibility of the TEFL Canada certification program and certificate holders

5. Payment

● The review process takes 4 to 5 days

● Once approved, the applicant will receive a mail

● The mail will have the payment link

● The link remains active for ___________ hours

● The certificate will generate within 3 to 4 days of payment confirmation

● The applicant will receive the certificate via email

● Hardcopy of the certificate can procured with additional payment*

* Contact the helpdesk for a hardcopy of the certificate

6. Salient Features Of The Certificate

● TEFL Canada issue the certificate

● It will bear a licensed watermark

● It will carry your name and surname

● The certificate holds the title of the TEFL course

● An authorized signatory It will be signed by an authorized signatory

● The certificate consists of a distinctive number which

Verification Transparency

Verification can be done swiftly by using the unique number of the certificate. It helps employers to check the authenticity of the certification.


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