TEFL Canada - Accreditation


Accreditation thrusts academies to meet and maintain the standards. It gives a sense of trust and reliability to the hiring companies. In the age of Internet, Communication, and Entertainment, it is easy to bridge the gap and create a global world.

With the accessibility of the internet, developing and underdeveloped countries are making their way to the world economy giving tremendous job opportunities to the skillful applicant.

In the present time, English has become a key point in the face of change. Countries like Japan, Korea, Morocco, Spain, and India are opening up doors for English teachers. English speaking faculties are in high demand in countries with non-native English speakers.

To get in a field with a heavy demand certification is not sufficient. One must go for accreditation to sound credible and desirable for the post that offers a lucrative salary. Accreditation is a tool that assures quality and also awards credibility to your certificate.

As it provides transparency to the employers, it also provides confidence to the end users.

Why TEFL Canada Accreditation?

TEFL Canada is a globally renowned, acknowledged, and unbiased accreditation board. It has earned its reputation for being unprejudiced, committed, and trustworthy. If you are a TEFL program provider and wish to be recognized by us, read and understand why TEFL accreditation is crucia

● We have created a global platform for all the TEFL-certified professionals

● We are a family of more than ___________ TEFL accredited institutions and academies

● We have seen immense growth that has helped us reach more than ________ countries

● We are ISO _______________ certified and that provides us our eminence and credibility

● ANSI accreditation makes us authentic and trustworthy.

● We enhance the skills of the trainers to help them not only deliver lessons but connect with their learners.

● Our R&D team works meticulously to upgrade our system and keep our partners updated.

● We have quality tools and techniques to maintain the standard

● We have industry experts who dedicatedly work on the curriculum development

● We ensure the best teaching practices and methodologies for our mentors

Why is TEFL Canada Essential?

Affordable and highly acknowledged TEFL Canada follows a simple process to make it easily accessible for small to large institutions. There are numerous accreditation bodies; let us tell you why we are one of the most preferred and the best in the industry

● High importance is given to the internationally recognized accredited boards; we are one of them

● Hence, we ensure you get high returns on your investment for both time and money

● You will be a part of one of the reputed accreditation bodies just like the famous ACELT-China, AITEL-India, CDI-Japan, Berlitz-Japan, AEON-South Korea, and Pagoda-South Korea

● Knowledge of curriculum, tools, and different methodologies are our perks and privilege

● Easy verification with a unique id on certificates makes it remunerative for the employers