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About TEFL Canada

Welcome to TEFL Canada; we provide accreditation for TEFL/TESOL establishments and aspirants. TEFL Canada is a renowned organization dedicated to expanding, improving, and refining the TEFL community’s standards. TEFL is compulsory to be a member of the teaching profession, especially in Canadian cities like Quebec and New Brunswick. We have witnessed the successful completion of more than 110,000 + TEFL certifications. More than 2,400 institutions and businesses have received accreditation from us.

TEFL Canada is not a TEFL coaching, consultancy, or mentorship academy. We only handle TEFL accreditation and furnish globally appreciated TEFL certification excellence testing. These are built on accepted and acknowledged standards, independent of any trainer, training partners, or any organization offering TEFL services.

Our Strength

● Acknowledged Worldwide

● 100% Placement

● Immeasurable Resources

● Focused Framework For Evaluation

● Upgraded Methodology

● Cumulative Curriculum

● Committed R&D Team

● Easy Collaboration


We look forward to certifying competent and trained EFL teachers; TEFL Canada is dedicated to expanding and improving education. We research and improvise the levels of certification and accreditation to maintain the standards of the EFL mentors.

We develop and deliver testing procedures to measure the proficiency of the English facilitators. We wish to maximize positive impact by connecting learning, teaching, and assessment and experts from around the globe. We want to set a standard by making and maintaining quality evaluations for TEFL teachers.


We wish TEFL Canada to be known as a company of remarkable excellence. We believe we will create a community of TEFL program providers accredited by TEFL Canada.

With our hardworking team and supporting partners, we will soon be able to complete our mission. Making strides towards our goal, we have received ISO certification

Why Go For A TEFL Canada Accreditation?

The affirmation that we provide is reputed and globally acclaimed for any prestigious institution or academy. The unbiased process and cost-effective rates make us one of the best in the industry. The accreditation process is online and uncomplicated.

Our clients speak for us. The massive support that we have received has helped us become a pioneer in the market.

Why Should I Get A TEFL Canada Certification?

If you have the hunger to learn beyond books and teach beyond blackboards, this course is for you. Our trained teachers often give back to society for the benefit of all individuals.

Land on foreign soil with a lucrative teaching job as TEFL Canada is a highly acclaimed and recognized certification for English facilitators.

Benefits You Reap:

1 - Direction -

We at TEFL Canada, guide you through this journey towards success. We have an immensely talented team to work with you, work for you.

2- Curriculum Mapping -

We develop curricula and map them with the modern teaching-learning requirements.

3- Resources -

Our resources are world-class and unique. These are exclusively prepared by experts and enhance the skills of the learners.

4- Economical Yet Exceptional-

Getting accreditation is cost-effective while the returns are plenty.

5- Improved Services -

Our assessments get periodic updates for a scope of improvement. Our evaluation tools are constantly monitored and reformed for flawless services to our clients.

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