Certificate FAQs

1. How can I apply?

Go to the TEFL Canada website, and the certification application is available. Click apply and fill out the form, and then submit.

2. Do I have to fill out the entire application at a time?

We advise you to complete it in one shot.

3. What do I do if I cannot submit my application due to a connectivity issue?

You can rework your application; it is not a problem.

4. To support my application, what are the documents I need to furnish?

We will let you know the list of documents we would require.

5. Will I be intimated if my application is accepted?

After submitting the application, a pop-up message will appear on your computer screen, “Successfully Submitted”. In case of a failed application, this message does not pop-up.

6. Who is my contact person; in case I do not receive any communication from TEFL Canada?

In an unlikely event, we request you to contact our helpdesk.

7. How long does the whole audit process take?

The audit process will take around 3 to 3 weeks.

8. How can I send the required documents for an audit?

The easiest way is to scan the documents and upload them.

9. Is there any confidentiality clause for the shared documents?

Yes, we maintain a confidentiality clause of the documents and do not share them with third parties.

What do I do in case of a failed audit?

A failed audit is always due to discrepancies. The TEFL Canada legal team will work on it depending on the reasons for a failure.