TEFL Canada Standards Development

TEFL Canada Standards Development

Effective knowledge delivery is not easy to implement, and no one knows this better than TEFL Canada. We, at TEFL Canada, understand the significance of streamlining the system as the top TEFL accrediting organization in the world. The TEFL Canada global standards serve as the profession's cornerstone, directing you and assisting you in ensuring that the frameworks and expertise within your organization are current.

How Do We Develop Standards?

A consensus-based method is used to create and adopt TEFL Canada standards, ensuring that all interested parties can take part. We follow ANSI guidelines because we are a standards developer recognised by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).

Different Stages of TEFL Canada Standards Development

2. TEFL Canada appoints an TEFL Canada member to act as a resource and forms a committee with a chair, vice-chair, and volunteers to create a specific standard.

3. The copy is examined by members of the TEFL Canada Standards Member Advisory Group and subject matter experts before being sent back to the committee for amendment.

4. Members are given the opportunity to comment on the amended exposure document, which the committee then reviews and, if necessary, revises.

5. The revised standard is submitted to the TEFL Canada consensus body, a group of impartial volunteers who certify the standard-development process, for approval.

6. The new standard is accepted by TEFL Canada upon the standards manager's advice.

Our Research-Enlightened Standards Benefits

Incorporating research into the TEFL Canada standards development process improves the current consensus approach by spotting and tracking trends in the TEFL industry, ensuring organizational strategy is taken into account, and providing evidence-based data to help our standards committees make informed decisions for future standards.

Get Entailed With TEFL Canada Standards

A voluntary consensus approach that involves volunteers and subject matter experts with an interest in the standards' subjects is used to produce TEFL Canada global standards. There are several ways for you to participate in the activities, and the process depends on input from the members.

Activities Involving Standards Development

Participate in and contribute to writing the standard's content while taking into account suggestions from the previous edition, the market, other resources, and fresh TELF industry advancements.

Verify the accuracy, completeness, and applicability of all the texts and graphics in the standard, and make any necessary revisions as needed.

Make that the content adheres to any other applicable TEFL Canada criteria.

Make recommendations for concepts, methods, and tools that might be included in later editions in a report to the standards manager.

TEFL Canada International Standards Activities

The major goal of the TEFL Canada Standards Committee's extensive calendar of events is to encourage its members to actively participate.

TEFL Canada firmly believes that a democratic approach to updating and upgrading is the greatest method to achieve greatness and to keep it for all time. What has caused us to grow enormously are new, unusual, and unconventional ideas that have been gathered from all angles.

Contact the TEFL Canada Standards Helpdesk right away if you believe you can make a difference in any way.